david morrin

MIDI to CV and Dual Portamento


For MIDI to CV conversion, I use a Paia MIDI2CV. This module takes a 5-pin DIN MIDI connection and produces CV outputs.

MIDI channel

I did not require changing MIDI channels, so I the module hardwired for channel 1. It can be internally programmed for channels 1-16.

Mode selection

The mode is selected via the 3 mini toggles on the front panel. The different modes jack the functions of each output, whether the system is monophonic or polyphonic, etc. I refer you to Paia’s manual for more details.

S-Trig outputs

The MIDI2CV8 not only has 8 CV outputs, but 8 transistor switch outputs as well that can work LEDs, relays, or the old style Moog S-Trig gates (“S” stands for switch).

I just wired up one jack for S-Trig, and made a banana to Cinch Jones cable for the occasional interfacing to a vintage Moog synth.

Dual Portamento

The MIDI2CV8 hardware has no lag or portamento circuitry so I added some with protoboard. The lag circuit follows Ray Wilson’s MFOS Multi Function Module. The circuit is independent of the MIDI to CV.

MIDI to control voltage module